The Professional Development dates are initially January 2 and 3.

There will be an extended closed masterclass for up to six professional oboists with Jacques Tys as your mentor. Lunch as a group will be provided as well as an accompanist with whom you can rehearse on the evening of January 1, if you wish, or early in the morning on January 2.

Also, included in the fee is a one hour private lesson with Jacques after the masterclass, either later in the day on January 2 or on the morning of January 3.

The opening concert of the course proper is at 2.30pm on January 3, which will involve all the artists at the subsequent oboe summer school

There is the option for those who wish to stay on as an observer through the week, which will include a scheduled discussion with the featured artists about teaching ideas. Points noted during student masterclasses could be raised by the professional development candidates and addressed by the featured artists in this discussion..

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