Just a heads up for those looking to come to Wellington for the oboe summer school, and who are interested in attending as an "advanced participant", please contact us and complete the booking form before sending us any funds for the course. The course is almost full and we don't want to have to refund money if possible, especially for international transfers. There are places still for "enthusiast", the "high school programme" and "professional development".


I am pleased to announce that Philippe Rigoutat will be making his first ever visit to New Zealand to display his oboes and cor anglais at the oboe summer school. It is excellent news for those already playing Rigoutat instruments in this part of the world, as Philippe will be able to check over your instrument and perform some service as required. Also, for those people interested in buying a new oboe, it will be a great chance to try and compare several oboes at once. A rare opportunity in this part of the world.

Also, Kexun Ge of KGE Reeds is planning to attend and bring KGE machines and oboes. This is great opportunity for those interested in buying a machine to try reeds made from his 4 different euro templates and 4 x US style templates and choose and buy a machine set up to your personal liking. Also, Kexun will be able to service machines from existing customers while he is at the course.

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Update re Skotel Discount of 20%

Posted by Alison Jepson on Tuesday, September 14, 2010,
On the Skotel's website at present, there are two different price lists - one that comes up under "Rates" and the other when one goes to the "Booking form". The second list is much more expensive. I have talked with the friendly manager, Brett Shakespeare and he says these prices are not current.Contact him at info@skotel.co.nz (quoting oboessnz for 20% discount) to find out the correct rates. For those on a budget and willing to share a room, the backpacker's rate is very competitive.

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Booking Form amendment

Posted by Alison Jepson on Monday, September 13, 2010,
Our booking form has been slightly amended. Please use the latest version when you apply. Many thanks. Alison

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Dr Ya-Ting Liou will be our pianist for the Summer School.

Posted by Alison Jepson on Monday, September 13, 2010,
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